About LCA

Life Center Academy is an outreach of the Fountain of Life Center. It exists to provide a quality education in a Christian environment. All of our courses are taught from a Biblical perspective. Our curriculum lays a solid foundation with innovative, creative instruction. Our religious education emphasizes the teaching of Christian principles and life skills, and de-emphasizes religious doctrine and denominationalism.

Student raising her hand in class

The ultimate goal of LCA is to train each student in the ways of God, to give each student an opportunity to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to help each student reach his or her maximum potential, and upon entering adulthood to go out into the community and serve God in whatever capacity they believe God leads them.

Life Center Academy believes that the family is ultimately responsible for the training of the student. The school is designed to be a positive reinforcement. Full support from all students and family members is imperative and expected for this objective to be accomplished.


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